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Olympus Towing Offers Safe and Convenient Roadside Assistance Solutions

If you ever experienced a car malfunction or break down in the middle of driving down the highway, you know that uncomfortable feeling of stress. Whether it is a flat tire or being out of gas, once we are driving on a road full of other cars, going fast, there is a real and apparent danger of getting hit by the coming traffic. It is necessary to get our cars to the side of the road, but at times, even that is simply not safe enough.
Any roadside emergency scenario includes the possibility of being hit, and there are many reported news stories of accidents which occur exactly this way each and every day. While we may not be able to ensure that you will not have a flat tire or that your car experience any other mechanical difficulty in the middle of the road, what we at Olympus Towing can ensure you is your safety via a trustworthy, reliable and most importantly, quick roadside assistance service brought to you anywhere in Pasadena by our certified experts.

Speedy and Safe

We understand that the side of the road is where you and your car are potentially most vulnerable, and that is why we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to get out of your car to fix the problem by yourself. Simply call Olympus Towing for real time assistance while we dispatch a professional to you. Our number is (626) 219 – 0412.
Upon calling, we will inform you of the best ways to avoid any possible dangers, and our servicemen will get to you if needed within no more than 30 minutes, guaranteed. We are a local company operating for many years throughout Pasadena, and we are familiar with the roads and highways. Any time you call us, we are obligated to keeping you safe, which includes alerting the proper authorities when there is need for it.

Roadside Assistance Services

Our solutions include:

  • 24/7 service for total availability
  • A certified team of experts
  • An amazing ETA of 30 minutes or less
  • Assistance in a variety of roadside situations, including changing a flat tire, filling your car with gas, car battery jumpstart or replacement, and the like
  • A fleet of specialty tow trucks to best fit the make and size of your car

For any roadside assistance solution call us!