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Olympus Towing Assists Pasadena Car Owners in Case of a Car Lockout

We tend to think of our car not only as a way of getting ourselves from one place to another, but of moving our things inside it as well. Imagine hauling a few heavy items over to your car, barely managing to dangle your keys in one hand. You manage to reach your car panting due to the weight that you are carrying. With a bit of luck you succeed putting the key to its keyhole, but then it is time to twist it open. Unable to look closely at your actions, you can almost manage to unlock the door when all of a sudden the key breaks in your hand. The car door cannot be opened, and you have nowhere to put your things. What can you do?

As it is with cases when we need help for our car when driving, such as a tire change or a battery jumpstart, a great towing service will tend to all of our car needs, even if it is immobile with a key stuck in one of its locks. Pasadena’s Olympus Towing not only makes sure that your car is in good driving condition, but also operates a one of a kind locksmith service that makes certain that you are never stranded as a result of getting locked out.

Professional Car Lockout Solutions

When we have our keys break inside a keyhole or within the ignition switch, or when we lose our keys altogether, as many people do every day, we get stranded with no way of entering or starting our car. That is why Olympus Towing operates a wide range of lockout solution services, intended to get you quickly inside your car and driving. Our locksmith services include:

  • Key duplication and replacement in case of losing a key or needing a new one
  • Rekeying locks
  • Safely extracting broken keys from the ignition switch or from their keyhole
  • 30 minutes ETA for a quick solution
  • Lock picking
  • Certified locksmiths
  • Friendly and pleasant service from Pasadena’s local service personnel
  • All solutions are delivered on the spot and quickly

Whenever you feel that you are stranded and cannot get into your car, call Olympus Towing and we will dispatch a specialist if needed to quickly resolve any lockout situation.
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